The NLP Fast Phobia Cure

The Fast Phobia Cure, TM is an example of one of the ways that Neuro-Linguistic Programming is different from psychology. Psychology is a study of failure where as NLP is a study of success. When Neuro-Linguistic Programming was in it’s early developmental stages, Dr. Richard Bandler asked many psychiatrists what they found to be one of the most difficult things to cure. They all suggested that phobia’s were the most resistant to change work.

Dr. Bandler then put an Ad in a California newspaper offering $100 to anyone that had had a phobia and gotten rid of it themselves, but only if they could explain to him how they did it. He was inundated with responses, most of them not legitimate, but there were many people that had succeeded in legitimately “curing” themselves.

Almost to a person the people said something of the sort that one day they just stepped back and looked at their behavior, (remember that a phobia by definition is an unrealistic or silly fear) and began to laugh at how silly they had been acting. Once they had realized how silly they’d been acting the phobia was gone.

So Dr. Bandler modeled the process that they had described to him and the result was the NLP Fast Phobia Cure TM. This process can be done very quickly and efficiently with the aid of Master Naples or any Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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