At Regain your IDEAL WEIGHT you’ll enjoy learning how to use your conscious mind to steer your other than conscious ® mind in this three session workshop. Other hypnotherapy seminars have you sit for an hour or so and “do hypnosis to you” and then they send you on your merry way, maybe it works, maybe not. Sometimes you are not even sure that you were hypnotised. But at’s Regain Your IDEAL WEIGHT events we believe that hypnosis is not about doing-hypnosis-to-someone, it’s about giving you real tools so that you can learn to direct and control the most powerful thing in the world, the power of the other than conscious ® mind.

This event is a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), The Journey® and hypnosis that attacks your weight issue from just about every angle. It’s the best way to deal with your food issues without the danger of taking serious pharmaceuticals with life threatening side effects.

SESSION 1 begins with a discussion of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the power that language has upon the other than conscious ® mind. For example there is a reason that we don’t use the term Lose Weight. That is because the word “lose” can have negative connotations in our culture, and the other than conscious ® mind doesn't do well with ambiguities. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves. We also will use the NLP process of creating a well formed outcome to make sure that your goal of Regaining Your IDEAL WEIGHT and maintaining it agrees with other parts/things going on in your other than conscious ® mind, which is called congruency.

Have you ever felt like there was a part of you that was working against you? We all have. The next section of the seminar focuses upon getting all of the parts of you that are all working in their own, different and often conflicting ways to commit to work together.

For example:

A man wanted to quit smoking and had failed again and again. When we did the process we determined that when he was a teenager, he wanted to be cool (accepted by his peers) like James Dean. Many times when he felt anxious, stressed or insecure, he would light up one and feel cool again. In order to deal with the smoking issue we had to allow the other than conscious ® mind to come up with another way of dealing with stress that was smoke free.

By reuniting the part that wanted to be smoke free and the part that dealt with emotions, stress and anxiety through smoking we created a part that would allow this gentleman to be smoke free and still feel the emotional well being that he received from tobacco.

This process is very much same with weight loss, we need to get in touch with the part of you that is creating an emotional benefit from your over eating and find a way for it to create that same or even better emotional benefit without eating extra, unnecessary and unhealthy food. This process concludes the first session.

SESSION 2 begins building the well formed outcome and making it clear to the other than conscious ® mind exactly what we want to create. Then it’s time for another NLP technique called The Timeline Method with a little of The Journey thrown in.

The Timeline Method is a process in which we float back in your memory to the point where you first began to eat emotionally and deal with the emotional issues that were there at the time,and then giving the other than conscious ® mind the tools and resources it needed at that time to continue to eat normally and eat only what is necessary. This is an amazing process. Then we install your IDEAL WEIGHT in the future of your timeline. This is an emotional and powererful process.

SESSION 3 we discuss more about other than conscious ® mind, anchoring and how hypnosis/self-hypnosis works. There are some people that believe all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and I agree with them. So after this discussion on how you may follow up by doing this process nightly on your own, I guide the group through a self-hypnosis process that anchors your well formed outcome, in this case Regaining Your IDEAL WEIGHT into your other that conscious ® mind. Each night when your repeat this self-hypnosis, you reinforce this well formed outcome.

So in this three session event you will: learn some NLP so that you can better use your internal language to insure that you get the outcome that you’re after, in this case to again be your IDEAL WEIGHT, the way you were before over eating became an issue for you; we’ll reunite any parts of you that may have been in conflict with each other; we’ll go back along your timeline and deal with the emotions that were there at the time the overeating became an issue for you and lastly you will learn how to use self-hypnosis to anchor your outcome and reinforce it on a daily basis.

If this seems like the right program for you, please contact by phone at 330-501-8599 or by e-mail at for more information and to register.


If you follow the NLP-hypnotherapy program for 30 consecutive days without miss and you're still not getting the results you expected. We will give you and additional one-on-one Neuro-Linguistic Programming session lasting up to two hours, a $250 value at no additional cost to clear up any unresolved issues or hooks that might be left at no cost to you. That right absolutely FREE, so call Master Sam Naples now at 330-501-8599 and find the freedom from tobacco that you've been looking for all of this time.

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