John and Kathleen LaValle

John and Kathleen LaValle run NLP Seminars Group International and handle the business part of NLP events in the United States as well as working as Dr. Bandler’s booking agent throughout the world.

John came across NLP by attending an “evening of NLP” type event and knew that he wanted more. He was involved in the corporate world working in human resources for a large company. He told his boss more than 20 years ago that he was going to take an NLP seminar and convinced his boss to attend with him.

John was a tenacious student, practicing and trying everything that he learned, sometimes using his skills on unwitting people in the produce department of grocery stores, (LoL,if you’ve been to an event you know this story).

To master each language pattern he often wrote hundreds of examples of each of the Milton Model patterns.

Currently John and Kathleen LaValle are Licensed Master Trainers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and has been in the training & development field for more than twenty-five years and his mission was to develop and teach business applications of NLP including its use in sales and influence, manufacturing applications, team building, management and leadership skills. He is the co-author with Dr. Richard Bandler, of the book Persuasion Engineering and has also co-written the NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Licensed Trainers Manuals that are given out at Society of NLP events and also co-teaches Persuasion Engineering as well as the other NLP programs with Dr. Bandler in person and on the DVD’s.

John is the President of The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming,TM, The American Society of Training & Development, and is certified with The National Values Centre.

Kathleen LaValle, who also came from a corporate background is John’s wife, partner and best friend. She does all of the do diligence and office work for NLP Seminars International and the Society of NLP. Kathleen in addition to running the back-of-the-room at NLP events also co-teaches much of the content of the events with John and Dr. Bandler.

If one wishes to attend a

NLP Seminars Group International event, 1 (973) 770-3600 you'll deal with John and Kathleen LaValle primarily. At the events Dr. Bandler usually teaches "hypnotically" during the morning session and then John and Kathleen teach the nuts-and-bolts during the afternoon sessions.

John has Co-written with Dr. Richard Bandler the book Persuasion Engineering

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