Master Sam Naples, WHO?

In 2008, Master Sam Naples studied NLP with John and Kathleen LaValle and NLP father and co-founder, Dr. Richard Bandler , and became a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming .

The following year, 2009 Master Sam Naples attended and was promoted to Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming again from “Bandler and LaValle.” Also in 2009 he went to Chicago the home of the Barbara Stepp to study Design Human Engineering (DHE) with the Legend herself.

In between the other 2009 events Master Sam Naples daily drove to Mentor, Ohio to the Personal Growth School of Hypnotherapy and received his Clinical Hypnotherapist certificate (CHt.) through the International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) .

Lastly, but not least of all in December of 2009, Sam received his Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Youngstown State University (Y.S.U.). In 2010 Master Sam Naples trained again with Bandler and LaValle and became one of only four people in Ohio to become a Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Now that I’ve gotten all of that in you know who Sam Naples is and why he is called Master Sam Naples. Well not quite, but here goes.

Sam grew up on what was to become one of the most dangerous parts of the City of Youngstown, the South Side. Sam went to Saint Stanislaus School and Cardinal Mooney High School, the area’s Parochial schools.

Sam loved sports but was not particularly talented and always felt that there was some fear that prevented him from doing his best, that was until he met Senior Grandmaster Chun Kae-bae who was teaching at the Central YMCA in Youngstown.

This was certainly a synchronistic event because what are the odds of “the former body guard of the Korean Prime Minister and Chief Instructor of the Korean Police and KCIA forces” coming to a small town in Northeast Ohio?

Sam like most teenagers was searching and found himself in the ancient art of taekwondo-jidokwan. His first year of training he missed only 4 classes the whole summer (that is 8 per week) and his second year attended every summer class and attended 9 classes per week the rest of the year being the first in the organization to receive his probationary black belt (Cho-DanBo)in two-and-one-half years.

The sport aspect of taekwondo became important to Sam not from the standpoint of winning but from the perspective of facing his fears. One of the basic concepts of the martial arts is that each class, each match the artist is facing their own mortality, “ Life and Death are The Same ” was one of the school’s sayings rooted in Buddhism.

Sam became quite the accomplished competitor and won many local regional and national competitions including winning 3x at

Madison Square Garden in New York.

It was while Sam was and 3rd degree black belt in his early twenties that tragedy struck. Training alone with four 2 ½ pound ankle weight on one leg (which he had trained with and built up to over many years) there was a pull, a slight twinge in the left groin muscle.

Sam would never be the same! The injury continued to get worse and worse and currently the right leg is close to two inches shorter than the left leg. Sam went to many doctors and including the Cleveland Clinic and they could do nothing for him. “Live with the pain till you can’t stand it and then get a transplant.” the doctor’s at the clinic said.

Again as fate would have it, this injury led Sam in the direction of complementary medicine as he began looking for alternative ways to heal his leg including nutrition, meditation and hypnosis.

Not the best student at first by his third year at Y.S.U., Sam was making “The Dean’s List” regularly in 1977, when karma would strike again. On September 19, 1977, one of the area’s major employers, the “Youngstown Sheet and Tube” closed. Sam the chief instructor of the taekwondo school lost 50% of his enrollment. Within two years “U.S. Steel” and “Republic Steel” were also gone. Sam dropped out of college to save the school and went six months without a paycheck.

Sam not being able to compete again stopped going to competitions until Senior Grandmaster Chun asked him to go to Grandmaster Kang Sok-ho’s tournament in Charleston, West Virginia. “Do what I would do,” said Chun.

So on that fateful day Sam, not yet a master went to Grandmaster Kang’s tournament, walked up to the front desk with all of the Grandmasters and sat down. At this time in the history of the martial arts, American instructors, who were mostly low ranking were not allowed to sit at the Grandmaster’s table. The masters were talking amongst themselves in Korean and looking strangely at Sam.

After about 30 minutes of this Grandmaster Kim Il-joo, one of his instructors best friends came up to him and asked, “Sam, what are you doing here?” “Grandmaster Chun told me to come here and do what he would do, so I’m waiting to be put to work at this tournament.” was Sam’s reply.

Whether it was because of Sam’s sincerity or out of respect for Senior Grandmaster Chun, Grandmaster Kim began to teach Sam how to run the tournament. Within a year or so, Sam and his classmate Chuck Stepan (now Grandmaster Stepan) began running taekwondo tournaments all over the country including the American Invitational in Washington DC, as well as tournaments at Trump’s Taj Mahal and Madison Square Garden.

Though he was never able to compete again, Naples continued to train as much as possible and eventually earned the taekwondo-jidokwan rank of 7th degree black belt, (anything above 5th degree is considered a master) so this is why Sam is called Master Sam Naples.

Sam though not in college taught an accredited self-defense class at Youngstown State University. In addition to teaching at the University, Sam expanded his locations to two studios and by the 1980’s was well know and involved in many community projects.

As a local celebrity Master Sam Naples did fund raisers for the Heart Association as well as blood drives at his studio. He raised money for 9-11 Relief, Kick Drugs out of America, and The Van Sickle Foundation for Our Kids, in which he was later president. Sam has been on the committees for Health-O-Rama, Health-Wise, The Poland Rotary, the Mahoning Valley Real Estate Investors Association (MVREIA), has been in the Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau and was nominated by Macho Martial Arts Supplies to the martial arts safety committee that was part of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM).

In the late 90’s Master Sam Naples' martial arts business was struggling. He was sitting in his office thinking: “I know most of the successful business people in this area and I’m not making it. Maybe I should just get a job and teach taekwondo in a church basement as a hobby?” As fate would have it again, he received a martial arts business magazine. With that he was introduced to EFC, NAPMA and IFC, the three leading martial arts consulting organizations.

Master Sam Naples joined these organizations and as he met more and more of the most successful school operators they had one thing in common, NLP! Many of these people had studied with Tony Robbins . This was Sam’s introduction to NLP.

Sam signed up for Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within (UPW) seminar and he was hooked. This was in 1997 two short months before his mother was to die. After UPW Sam enrolled in Robbins’ Mastery University had read every one of Bandler and Grinder’s original NLP books and had found a long time love for NLP.

Sam’s back continued to get worse and in 2006 he gave up the martial arts for a career in real estate and was on the cutting edge of the financial meltdown that happened in 2008. Soon Sam was out of real estate and looking for direction. When his sister gave him a book called The Journey, by Brandon Bays. He read the book and it spoke to his soul.

In 2006 Sam went to his first Journey Intensive

taught by Skip Lackey in Orange, New Jersey and wanted to learn more. In late 2007 Naples participate in a Journey program called Manifesting Abundance and decided to become a Journey Practitioner.

In 2007 Master Sam Naples “knew” that his calling was to help people by becoming a Journey Practitioner. In April of 2007 he went to Colorado and re-sat for Manifesting Abundance in Estes Park. Then went to Denver and participated in Healing Through Conscious Communication, a Journey seminar based upon NLP.

It was Friday May 19th one month later and two weeks before heading back to Colorado to participate in “NO EGO” the final Journey seminar required as a prerequisite to attend Practitioners Week. When karma raised it’s head again with a heart attack, a really bad one. Sam had to drop out of the Journey Practitioner Program to allow his heart to heal.

Master Naples still had (and has) a burning desire to become a Journey Practitioner. A psychology degree would be handy for Master Naples to bring credibility to the Journey so in the winter of 2008 he enrolled again at Youngstown State University to gain his Psych degree.

It was also at this time that he began studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming in earnest with Bandler and LaValle. Since reading the Journey in 2007 Master Sam Naples has become committed to helping others through the use of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Design Human Engineering and The Journey. In 2011 Master Naples opened Master Sam and to this date practices in the Youngstown, Cleveland and Pittsburgh areas.

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