Easter 2012 Issue

Let the new you spring forth . . .

In the photo in the center of this article I’m being inducted into the All American Open Taekwondo, Tangsoodo, Karate, and Kung Fu Hall of Fame in 1991. It was such an honor to compete and win at Madison Square Garden and then later co-ordinate (run the whole damn thing) for Supreme Grandmaster Henry Cho Shi-hak (the gentleman barely seen in the center in the photo) who I just learned has passed away today. I’m sitting here saddened at the loss of such a great man, good friend and leader of the martial arts in America. Also congratulating me in this photo is Supreme Grandmaster Kim Ki-whang, (deceased) the Godfather and best friend of my instructor Senior Grandmaster Chun Kae-bae. I was so lucky to have the privilege of knowing and working with these great men. My heart goes out to the family and students of Taekwondo Jidokwan Supreme Grandmasters S.H. Henry Cho, see you again next time around.

The Easter Egg that I attached to this newsletter (sorry to those that got it e-mailed), represents the seasons of new life and renewal and thinking about those that we’ve recently lost is a great way of to bring into focus the frailty and temporariness of the human condition. Regardless of your religious directions and whether you believe in heaven or rebirth of some kind, the truth is that we only have a short time to make an impact on the people and world in which we live.

“It is alright to waste time being timid if you’re going to live forever, because you can always get around to doing things later. But if you only have one life, one chance, then there is no time to waste.”

As we come into spring, what’s holding you back from achieving that goal, or making those changes that when made will make a real difference in your life and in the lives of those in and around you?

What are your dreams, wishes and goals? You know that the only thing that is keeping you from becoming the person that you know you are meant to be is the way that you communicate with yourself.

People think, dream and visualize and what they want to manifest never materializes? Why is that, lack of faith? No on a more fundamental level they are not communicating with themselves effectively. They are thinking wrong! (If your interested on exactly what thinking is check out the article on page 2 for more information).

Try this experiment:

Think of something that you are certain you will do. For example “I will brush my teeth." Now notice where the picture spatially is located in your field of vision. Is it in the center, left or right? Is it eye level, higher or lower? What is the size of the image, small or large, estimate the size in inches or feet. Are you associated (you cannot see yourself because you’re part of the action) or disassociated ( you can see yourself doing the action)? Is the image black and white or color? A still or moving picture? Does it have a border or not? How do you know that you will do this thing, like brush your teeth? What is the feeling the certainty that you will accomplish this task? Where in your body do you feel this feeling of certainty? What direction does the feeling spin in, L-R or R-L, front to back or back to front, or some other direction? Pay attention to all of the nuances (called sub-modalities in NLP) of how you represent this task in your mind and body.

Now, think of something that you’d like to do but probably won’t do, like maybe have ice cream for breakfast. Now notice all the differences with how you represent this event. Is it in the same location or a different location from where the certain event is? Compare all of the other nuances. You notice that the picture is in a different location and is represented quite differently in your mind and “feels” differently in your body. Now think of some significant goal that you’ve set for yourself and note the spatial location and all of the sub-modalities. And compare the goal image with the certain and unlikely images and how they make you feel.

When you set a goal and visualize it’s successful achievement make sure that you place the image in the location where you felt certain, the same place as the “teeth brushing image”. And the more you represent the goal like the task you are certain you’ll complete, the more you’ll feel certain of the goal.

If you’re having issues with goal setting or feelings of self-sabotage, MasterSamNaples-NLP-hypnotherapy.com is the solution to your problems. Give me a call @ 330-501-8599 and you will learn to “use your brain for a change.”



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How’d you come up with that ? An Intro to N.L.P.

Ever wonder how your brain works? How you think? Maybe I’m a slow learner but as far as I can remember none of my many psychology classes answered that question. But Neuro-Linguistic Programming does.

If I ask you to remember a time in the past when you feel really good. You either first of all see a picture or pictures in your mind of that specific time and then you might hear something, maybe words or music that you heard as that event was occurring. Or you might first hear something and then see pictures. Whichever way it works for you the images and sounds precede the feeling.

In fact we learned early on in my Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner’s program that all feelings are preceded by either a picture or language either remembered or constructed. So to make sure that I’ve spelled it out simply enough, thinking is making pictures and talking to yourself.

How and where these pictures are located spatially and represented determines the way that your brain treats and reacts to them.

When we are using NLP to deal with an issue, we work with the way the brain codes (represents) the images and language to strengthen positive qualities and eliminate or weaken the limiting thought that we have.

Next month we’ll be taking more about Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic communications.

Roasted Red Pepper and Fennel Bisque

This is one of the most amazing recipes from the pH Miracle for Weight Loss program. The first time I made it I was stunned at how “restaurant” quality it tasted and yet was simple to make. You take:

4 large red peppers

1 small bulb of fennel

2 tsp olive oil

1/2 cup pure water

1 pkg soft silken tofu

2 tsp real salt

Begin by cutting the peppers in 1/2 and grilling them (I use a George Foreman grill) and place them in a plastic covered bowel to steam them and keep in the moisture.

Next cut off fennel top, rub with oil and grill.

Thinly slice the fennel and place in pot with water and gently simmer till soft.

Peel peppers (I skip this step, I'm just lazy but it still tastes amazing.) and add to pot.

Blend peppers and fennel in batches till smooth, adding tofu to last batch. And add salt to taste and that is it.

Do not let the simplicity of this recipe lead you into thinking that this is not a world class recipe.

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You are getting sleepy, very Sleeeeeeeeepy

More and more I’m getting calls from clients and potential clients that are having difficulty sleeping at night. I personally sleep like a rock and get up wide awake at 5:00AM, which is 4:00AM since daylight savings time on the 11th.

How do you do it Sam?

I’m glad you asked:

Rule one: get away from all electronic devices and relax for about an hour before sleep. There is something in the emissions from the screens that confuses the brain and keeps you awake even when you’re tired. For some reason TV is excluded, in fact TV makes me sleepy. Also I try to watch light hearted shows before going to sleep. Ever notice that most of the network shows after 10 are cop shows that pump you up with adrenaline as you watch them. This makes it more difficult to fall asleep.

Rule two: No Television in the bedroom! The bedroom should only be only for 2 things and I’m only going to speak about one currently. In NLP we use a process called “anchoring” as part of change work whereby we associate a particular emotion to a particular touch, sound or gesture. We can elicit that emotion in the client at will. Your bedroom or particularly your bed should become an anchor for relaxation and sleep. If you’re watching TV or reading a book, this collapses the anchor causing it to lose it’s potency. If you only sleep in your bed it becomes much easier to just lay down and nod off.

Rule three: Another secret to sleeping soundly is to cool down the house. Some experts say to drop the temp down to between 60-65 degrees but I sleep much better @ 55 degrees and actually I sleep with the window cracked to enable the breathing of fresh air. The only challenge is that is can be pretty chilly when you make those 3AM bathroom runs.

Rule four: Don’t drink after 8:00PM. I’ve found that if I drink anything after 8:00 PM I have to make a bathroom run in the middle of the night. But if do not drink anything or very little after dinner, I tend to sleep through the night.

These few simple changes in your routine will make a significant difference in your ability to relax and sleep deeply and remember the words of the great Milton Erickson, “My words will go with you, to sleep.”

St. Pactrick's Day Word Search Puzzle

Print this page in order to do the Puzzle

This optical illusions will leave you dazed and confused (just what I wanted)

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Master Sam Naples brings many diverse skills to help you optimize your life:

* Meditation,

*Tony Robbins’ Neuro Associative Conditioning (N.A.C.),

*The Journey Method of Brandon Bays.

*Design Human Engineering DHE,

* Licensed Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Under is father and co-founder Dr. Richard Bandler.

*Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist thru the International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association

* 2009 graduate from YSU with a BA in Psychology

With these many skills Master Naples is able to deal with conditions such as:

* Agoraphobia, Allergies, Anger Management, Bed wetting, Childbirth, Chronic Pain, Dental Procedures, Distress, * Examination Anxiety, Exercise, Fears, Focused Attention, Grief, Guided Imagery, * Headache, * High Blood Pressure, Learning skills, * Medical Procedures, Memory, Motivation, Nail Biting, Performing Arts, * Phobias, * P.T.S.D., Procrastination, Public Speaking, Peaceful Sleep, Regression, Relationship, Relaxation, Salesmanship, Self confidence, Self control, Self esteem, Sexual Enhancement, Smoking Cessation, Sports Performance, Stress Management, Study Skills, Stuttering, and Weight Loss.


Easter Egg is the symbol of new life . . .

. . . renewal and change. We here at MasterSamNaples-NLP-hypnotherapy.com have had a busy March helping lots of clients make lasting generative changes in their lives. Well in April we’ve got even more exciting events to choose from.

On Saturday April 7th we’ll be hosting an Unlimited Abundance event. If you feel like there is a part of you that is sabotaging your attempts at self improvement this is the program for you.

Come Share the Stillness with us on with two FREE meditation events on Easter Sunday at 4:00PM we’ll be doing a meditation for manifestation as taught by Wayne Dyer and on the 22nd at 10:00AM we’ll be doing the healing breath meditation.

On Saturday the 21st we’re hosting the amazing Guaranteed REGAIN YOU’RE IDEAL weight workshop at 12:30 and on the following Saturday the 28th you’ll have an opportunity to learn the most cutting edge nutrition program THE pH SECRET.

This is the same program that Tony Robbins Charges as much as $200. All of this in plenty of time for Bikini season, (Note to self: “wax your back”).

Interested in learning more about THE JOURNEY METHOD and cellular healing? On Sunday the 22nd at 12:30 I’ll be offering a free introductory talk. Learn about the science that causes this unique program to be so effective and respected internationally.

Please remind all of your friends that wish to become free from tobacco that on Monday the 23rd at 6:00PM we’ll be offering the GUARANTEED B-FREE of tobacco AND HEALTHY workshop.

In case you can’t tell I’m all about summer, make sure that you’re working out, eating right and doing all of those important things that will allow you to truly enjoy the spring and summer.



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