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Optimum Health Inner Circle , Issue #007 -- Fourth of July Issue
June 25, 2012

Happy Independence Day

The Power of Decision and America’s Independence

It’s unusually late in the month for me to be working on this, the newsletter, It’s usually done an put to bed by the 15th but I’ve been working on a special report for physicians, “NLP-hypnotherapy Really

Works” and I’m behind on everything else.

As I was reviewing and researching all of the scientific and anecdotal evidence about the effectiveness of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy, one thing strikes me. “The ability to change and heal are directly proportional to the strength of your belief that you are will change and heal.”

This concept is called many things by many different groups, some calling it faith and science calling it The “placebo” and “nocebo” effects. For those of you not acquainted with the nocebo effect concept, it is the idea that a negative belief will cause illness and disease just as a positive belief will causes health and healing.

No matter what you call it, more and more science is becoming aware that the mind is an important part of every experiment. Both what the subjects believe and the results the experimenters believe.

There has been a battle going on in medicine since the Simonton Study, which began when Dr. Simonton told someone dying of throat cancer that they were having amazing results with people visualizing the cancer being healed and it actually being healed. The patient did the visualization and the cancer went away. No one was more surprised then Dr. Simonton because “he’d made the whole thing up!” When he told the patient that, he wasn’t trying to heal him, he was just trying to give him some hope.

This event is the unofficial beginning of the study of mind body medicine. It was shortly after this even that the a study was written about in a medical journal claiming that the beliefs and attitude of the patient had no effect what-so-ever on whether they got better or not. This caused an uproar in the medical community as thousands of physicians wrote to the journal with countless examples of “hopeless cases,” people that healed because of the patients beliefs and attitude because the physicians could do nothing.

One of the interesting things about this whole phenomenon which adds support to the concept is that scientists, experimenters that do not believe that attitude and belief make any difference seem to do experiments that “prove” that attitude and belief have no effect. Other experimenters holding the opposite beliefs continue to find results that confirm their ‘belief’ that attitudes and beliefs do have an affect upon healing.

Truly what you believe creates the world that you life in. Even to the affect that is effects the results of your research.

The other day I had lunch with my good friend Ed Crino, who has a master's degree in psychology and has been my friend since I was 21 was asking why I had not had hip/back surgery? For those of you that don’t know the story, I was training all alone back in 1980 at the prime of my career as a martial artist and tore a muscle. The result is what you see. But since the day that injury happened I’ve had a sense of knowing, a belief, that since what ever occurred, happened from the inside out, it could be healed from the inside out.

This belief led me to my interest in hypnosis, Edgar Casey and natural healing, to Anthony Robbins, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and The Journey Method. I truly believe that because of the people I’ve worked with (and it’s only been one year), that the world is a better place because of this belief and this news letter exists and you're reading it because of that injury and my beliefs have brought me here. Though the kitty has delayed it slightly.

F.Y.I. There are only a handful of NLP Practitioners in Ohio, even less Master Practitioners and my friend Augi and I are the only two Licensed Trainers of NLP in Ohio, so I have a mission to spread the word. So “WORD!”



P.S. If you’d like a copy of the report “NLP-hypnotherapy Really Works!”, because it is full color it costs me about $20 each to print, but I can send it to you for free as a PDF just by sending an email to with NLP-hypnotherapy Really Works written in the subject line.

Also you might have noticed that the title of this article “The Power of Decision and America’s Independence” has nothing to do with the article. Well, it is a really good title and sometimes as articles are writing themselves they get away from me. Woops, blushing. But traditionally around the 4th of July I send out an article The Power of Decision borrowed from Napoleon Hill’s famous Think And Grow Rich, which incidentally is about the power of belief. So watch out for that article around the 4th and make July amazing!

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Volume 2 Issue 7 Page 1

Page 2

What’s driving you? — IT’s ALL N.L.P.

Last month we talked about how your eye movements tell a practitioner how your are constructing or forming an image in your mind. This month we’ll talk about some of the tools we can use to make change happen.

When eliciting (figuring out) someone’s strategy (recipe) for their unwanted behavior what we are looking for is the “driver”, the sub-modality that that really causes the action. Let me elaborate.

For those of you that are new to the news letter and neuro-linguistic programming, a sub modality is a part of a memory. A memory being either an image, sound or feeling. For example someone that is a chocoholic must have a piece of chocolate, quite often this is because they are seeing an image in their mind that is causing them to have the intense desire for chocolate.

What we want to do is learn (elicit) details about this image (sound or feeling) such as the spatial location of the image in their mind.

Try this for yourself, think of something that you’re motivated to do. Then as I ask you questions answer them for yourself: Is the image directly in front, at eye level or off which side and is it above or below the horizon in their eyes. We also want to know what is the size of the image, 6 inches square, or 6 feet? How close or far away is the image, can you touch it? Is the image black and white or color? Is it a still image like a snap shot or is it a movie? Are you in the image, can you see yourself? This is called disassociated or are you looking through your eyes as if your actually in the scene? This is called associated. Is there a border around the image. All of the nuances I’ve just mentioned and many more are what are called sub-modalities. Just note all of the various sub-modalities that make up your image. By changing the sub-modalities, you change how the image affects you.

When we’re working with a client that wishes to change something whether it’s a chocolate addiction, test anxiety, a smoking addiction or some other emotional event, we look for the one main sub-modality that has the greatest affect on the client. Once we’ve located the driving sub-modality, then we can begin to change the affect it has upon the person.

Next month we’ll be talking more about sub-modalities and how an NLP practitioner can use them to cause dramatic change in someone.

Minty Mock Malted Summer Smoothie

As we’re in the middle of summer and with everyone wanting to spend more time outside rather than cooking, this nutritious smoothie is a perfect way to skip a meal and get all of the nutrition with a minimum amount of effort. I use smoothies instead of breakfast.

In a blender put:

1/2 an English cucumber

Juice of one lime

Juice of one grapefruit

1 pealed avocado,

1 cup of raw spinach

1/2 can of coconut milk

2-4 sprigs of fresh mint

14 Ice cubes

*1 scoop of Innerlight INC.’s Super Greens powder.

*2 scoops of soy sprouts

*8-10 drops of Prime pH.

After putting all ingredients in the blender blend to the desired consistency (I usually put the Ice in after everything is blended pretty well.)

If you want to use this recipe for popsicles leave out the ice.

Sometimes if it is not sweet enough I add a scoop of stevia powder.

I always have Innerlight Super Greens around the house if you do not have them you can make the recipe without. Also I do not use the soy sprouts, though they are an excellent source of protein and one of the only vegetarian ways to get B-12.

In place of Prime pH I use a scoop of baking soda.

*I first learned of Innerlight at Tony Robbin’s Life Mastery event back in 1997. The events went from 9 AM until 2:00AM with only a 2 hour break. They gave us Super Greens to keep us going. I joined Innerlight, a MLM company back then to purchase just for myself. If you’re interested in purchasing Super Greens or any of the other products call me @ 330-501-8599.

This recipe is from The pH Miracle For Weight Loss by Dr. Robert O. Young.

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Volume 2 Issue 7 Page 2

Page 3

ALKALINE WATER Our Basic Element ! ! !

Like the earth on which we live, our bodies are 70% water. Water composes 70% of our muscle, 25% of our fats, 75% of our brain, and over 80 percent of our blood. And just as the waters of our earth are being polluted, our bodies’ oceans and streams are similarly becoming compromised by polluting toxins.

In fact, one of the main functions of the body is to rid itself of harmful acidic waste products; but, with the accumulation of acidic waste from polluted air, water, and food, combined with the normal toxins created by the metabolic processes of the human body, we are finding it harder and harder to maintain the proper pH balance for health—leaving us sick, tired, and thirsty for quality ionized water.

Considering how crucial water is to our existence, it is no wonder that the most important thing you must learn is how to properly hydrate with structured alkaline water in order to eliminate the negative effects of acidic toxins. Water is the basis of your existence. And the right water will improve the quality and quantity of your life.

But what is the right kind of water? According to Dr. Young, water with a pH between 9 and 11, molecularly structured for optimal hydration, and electron rich, is most beneficial.

The Importance of Water Ionizers: What do we know about the importance of water being alkalized, purified, ionized, and structured? Let’s discuss the benefits of alkaline water and why it’s important to acquire a good quality water ionizer.

Remember, most illnesses build up over time. They don't have symptoms that you can see or feel until the problem is acute and illness begins to manifest. That's why so many people who feel just fine suddenly die of a heart attack, suffer a stroke, or even continue to feel just fine even several months after being told by their physician that they have cancerous cells.

This matter of quality water is literally a life and death issue—for some people right now—and for virtually everyone sooner or later. Here’s why: Your body was about 90% water when you were born. Most of us are about 50% water when we die. The aging and dying process is largely processes of dehydration.

So what happens?

The Challenge from Non-Water Ionizer H2O: We can say that in many respects, we die of either 1) some level of dehydration or 2) because the quality of water in our cells, tissues, and organs is not healthy enough, or sufficiently plentiful, to continue CRITICAL DETOXIFICATION of the body.

If the cells of our bodies do not have adequate, electron rich, quality water, we cannot properly eliminate waste products or toxins, therefore our bodies do not properly detox. And if we can not properly eliminate waste products there is nothing that will save us from a serious health challenge, disease and ultimately death.

The problem is that we take in enormous amounts of acid from eating, drinking, exercising, working, even thinking. Even being sedentary produces acid from just our daily basal metabolism. Every time a muscle twitches, every time a neuron fires, every turn of our mitochrondial energy cycles, we create just a bit of acid. Now consider the billions of cells in our bodies. . .all of this acid has to be eliminated from the body one way or the other.

The Alkaline Water Machine Solution: Food and water have different metabolic functions even though those functions overlap. Healthy food—not just any kind of food we put in our mouths—but healthy, electron rich foods, are responsible for the quality of our thoughts, our cognitive and neural abilities, as well as building and maintaining healthy muscles, cellular regeneration, and simply maintaining strong, healthy, and energetic bodies. Water, on the other hand, is all about purification, enabling healthy chemical reactions to go forward, and removing acid, waste products, cleansing, and detoxification the entire body.

If you are not drinking alkaline structured water like that which is produced by a water . . . . . . (If you are not reading this article online please click this LINK to go to my blog for the rest of the article)

Independence Day Word Search Puzzel

Print this page in order to do the Puzzle

This optical illusions will leave you dazed and confused (just what I wanted)

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Page 3

Volume 2 Issue 7 Page 4

Master Sam Naples brings many diverse skills to help you optimize your life:

* Meditation,

*Tony Robbins’ Neuro Associative Conditioning (N.A.C.),

*The Journey Method of Brandon Bays.

*Design Human Engineering DHE,

* Licensed Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Under is father and co-founder Dr. Richard Bandler.

*Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist thru the International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association

* 2009 graduate from YSU with a BA in Psychology

With these many skills Master Naples is able to deal with conditions such as:

* Agoraphobia, Allergies, Anger Management, Bed wetting, Childbirth, Chronic Pain, Dental Procedures, Distress, * Examination Anxiety, Exercise, Fears, Focused Attention, Grief, Guided Imagery, * Headache, * High Blood Pressure, Learning skills, * Medical Procedures, Memory, Motivation, Nail Biting, Performing Arts, * Phobias, * P.T.S.D., Procrastination, Public Speaking, Peaceful Sleep, Regression, Relationship, Relaxation, Salesmanship, Self confidence, Self control, Self esteem, Sexual Enhancement, Smoking Cessation, Sports Performance, Stress Management, Study Skills, Stuttering, and Weight Loss.


The lazy, hazy, crazy, daze of summer.

Welcome to July at Optimum Health Inner Circle. We’ve got a lot going on this summer. I want to begin by apologizing to anyone that has tried to get an appointment. I’m very close to being booked two weeks out which is a blessing, but I feel bad when friends want me to work with them and I’m unable to squeeze them in. I guess it’s a good problem to have.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right. This quote is either from Napoleon Hill or Henry Ford, but either way it the truth of it is self evident, that what you believe will become your reality. In the article The Power of Decision and America’s Independence on page 1 of this issue we discuss the power of belief in health and healing.

As I work with someone using NLP, there is a key word or image that is at the root of every behavior, it is the significant mental representation that when changed changes the behavior. This mental representation is called the driver sub-modality and on page 2 of the is issue we discuss what’s driving your behavior.

Usually I post recipes on page 2 but as hot as it’s been, (92 is the forecast for today) who wants to cook? So I’ve included an amazing recipe for a Minty Mock Malted smoothie. I’ve been having them for breakfast every morning, and it’s loaded with protein (spinach is 50% protein), good fats from the avocado and because of the lime, grapefruit, celery and coconut milk is very alkalizing. Mmmmmmmmmm

Did you know that the average person loses between 2 1/2 — 3 liters of water daily to sweat, breathing, urination, moving and perspiration while sleeping. Seventy percent of our muscles are water, 25% of our fats, 75% of our brain, and over 80 percent of our blood is water. So if the quality of ones life is based upon the quality and health of the blood and the bodies ability to eliminate waste. Then the quality of water that we put into our body will have a profound effect upon our health. On page 3 learn more about what kind of water is the healthiest to drink.

Enjoy the sun and your loved ones this summer, it slips away quickly and will gone B4 you know it.


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Testimonial letter from Client to Master Sam

My name is Karen Liptak and I developed a tumor in my lower stomach in September of 2012. This was totally unexplainable since I’m into a healthy lifestyle, own Body Toning & Aerobics, run daily and have been a vegetarian and student of Doctor Chester Yozwick most of my life.

After stomach surgery, the biopsies revealed cancer cells in five of my lymph nodes. I was stunned, shocked and basically freaked out.

Being into holistic health it was difficult to make the decision to begin chemo therapy but I decided that it was the best choice for me.

Before I began chemo my sister Georgia Rosemond who is a life coach, insisted that I see Master Sam Naples. We went to his office and during the first visit he taught me to meditate and give me two video’s to watch: “The Living Matrix” which includes a section about a woman in the United Kingdom that dealt with her cancer using Neuro-Linguistic Programming; the second movie was “Crazy Sexy Cancer” about and actress that treated her cancer using alkaline nutrition.

I saw Sam again before Chemo began and then a few times during my off weeks. He incorporated N.L.P. into our work, taught me self-hypnosis along with doing several “Healing Journeys.” The sessions guided me with chemo treatments to a degree of very little if any, side effects from the chemo.

I highly recommend NLP-hypnotherapy with Sam and if anyone would like to discuss my journey from cancer back to health please feel free to call me at Body Toning and Aerobics, 330-207-5813.

“Some people just love the smell and taste of tobacco and how it relaxes them, just holding it in their hand, you know the HOLE smoking experience.”

It’s Time to Fall In Love With Yourself, and End That Lousy Affair You’ve Had With Tobacco.

If you want to make change, real change in your life you've got to go to the place where decisions are made . . . your unconscious mind. NLP-hypnotherapy provides tools that enable you to understand how your unconscious mind makes decisions and then re-educate, or reprogram it to make different, better decisions.

Any method of smoking cessation that fails to deal with the emotional issues, the “whys” of smoking is as best going to be temporarily successful because when that repressed emotional need raises its ugly head your unconscious mind will fall back upon the way that its successfully dealt with that issue so many times in the past and you will smoke again! Unless you use the mental & emotional tools that are made available to you through the three hour “FREE from tobacco AND HEALTHY” workshop.

We are so confident that this program is exactly what you need to allow you finally be free of tobacco, for good that we are willing to GUARANTEE the program with a FREE ONE-ON-ONE Neuro-Linguistic Programming session, $125 value if you’re don't come out of the program ecstatic and tell all your friends about NLP-hypnotherapy.

Call Master Sam Naples NOW at 330-501-8599 for a FREE consultation to see that NLP-hypnotherapy is right for you. CALL NOW ! ! !

P.S. Currently we are backed up 10 days to 2 weeks so please anticipate this delay, though with flexibility it sometimes is possible to squeeze you in earlier.

It often felt like there was a part of me that was working against my weight loss attempts

I’m Not A Yoyo !!!

The medical profession including psychologists often call this yoyo dieting and them make it seem like you’re doing it on purpose. Which only shows that they don’t understand how the unconscious mind and your behavior interact. A person learns to deal with stress and emotions, to relieve them through behaviors like eating. Unless the program you choose the 3 session “REGAIN YOUR IDEAL weight” workshop that deals with the habits, emotional triggers and psychological drivers that created the behavior in the first place your weight loss is destined to be temporary, at best.

We are so confident that this program is exactly what you need to allow you to control you eating issues for good that we are willing to GUARANTEE the program with a FREE ONE-ON-ONE Neuro-Linguistic Programming session, $125 value if you’re don't come out of the program ecstatic and tell all your friends about NLP-hypnotherapy. Call Master Sam Naples NOW at 330-501-8599 for a FREE consultation to see that NLP-hypnotherapy is right for you. CALL NOW ! ! !

P.S. Currently we are backed up 10 days to 2 weeks so please anticipate this delay, though with flexibility it sometimes is possible to squeeze you in earlier.

“The quality of your life is based upon healthy blood & The Health of Your Blood Depends Upon Drinking High Quality Water.”



Florida Marlins, Detroit Tigers, Cincinnati Reds, Colorado Rockies, Arkansas Naturals, Kansas City Royals, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays and Pittsburgh Pirates know that the right water will improve the quality of your performance as well as the quality and length of your life which is why all of these teams use the NEW Living Water Machine with their athletes.

Your body is 70% water: water is 70% of our muscle, 25% of our fats, 75% of our brain, and over 80 percent of our blood. It is most important that you learn is how to properly hydrate with structured alkaline water in order to eliminate the negative effects of acidic toxins, as professional athletes do. Drinking fluoridated, acidic water forces your body has to struggle more and more trying to maintain the proper pH balance for health because of environmental and metabolic toxins that leave you sick, tired, and thirsty!

Thirsty for quality ionized water, the kind of water that the affordable New Living Water Machine creates with it’s revolutionary patented technologies including Direct Disk Ionization Technology producing water as clean, crisp and healthy as if it were coming from a protected pristine source miles below the planets surface in a natural highly alkaline state with a pH between 9-10.

The New Living Water Machine is the next generation water ionizer for a healthy body, and a healthy life. For more information on the New Living Water Machine Call Master Sam Naples Now at 330-501-8599

Ask how you can receive a 20% discount if purchased by July 3rd

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