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The Journey Method of Cellular Healing.

Wednesday night . . . of my anniversary week and I’m sitting here reflecting upon this past year and all of the events that have led me to where I am today and the blessing that was the infamous back injury (the picture was taken 4 days before my injury and is the last picture of me competing healthy) I had back in 1980.

Because of that fateful injury my journey of healing has led me to chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, nutrition, hypnosis, NLP and The Journey Method all of which I consider blessings.

My sister was a member of a local Tony Robbins group, the San Diego POWER TEAM, and in 2006 at one of the meetings she listened to a talk about cellular healing and The Journey Method given by the then president of The Journey USA, Skip Lackey. She bought me a copy of the book The Journey and mailed it to me that March and it spoke to me. I had ended my love affair with the martial arts because of the injury, had tried real estate and gone bankrupt and was living with my 93 year old father. I definitely had some healing to do.

The author/developer of The Journey Brandon Bays, was a vegetarian, she was Tony Robbins’ P.A., she taught nutrition at his events, she was a hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner.

Brandon who was eating right and doing all the right things, meditating, running daily, fasting, juicing and having an amazing life traveling with Robbins and presenting his events developed a tumor in her belly that was the size of a basketball.

She was in denial about the tumor for a while because she was doing “all the right things” but still there it was and when she started bleeding from her happy place she finally went to her O.B.G.Y.N. who wanted to operate quickly.

But Brandon negotiated a month’s delay before surgery to try and handle the tumor some other way, though she had no Idea what she would do.

Three weeks into this uneventful month and a week until personal failure and surgery, she had a spontaneous remission. After the remission Brandon went to Cedar’s Sinai hospital in L.A. and there was no sign of the tumor.

Six months later Brandon was listening to Dr. Depak Chopra speaking at a Robbins event about spontaneous remission. When he spoke of research projects done in both the United States and Japan there were similarities in all cases of spontaneous cure: 1 The patient knew that they would be cured. 2 The patient had an expanding of their awareness such that they felt that there was a force; call it Spirit, Soul, Grace or God that was part of them. 3 This Spirit, Soul, Grace or God was part of them but not limited to them. 4 The patient feels that everything is part of them and they are part of everything.

As Chopra was speaking Brandon though, OMG, that is exactly what happened to me. And then she asked the question, “Why is it that no one teaches you how to do this?” This question became the motivation for her to model [an NLP term for taking the strategy (see last months’ IT’S ALL NLP) of someone and either installing it into yourself or someone else] her own healing including all 4 of these characteristics which she experienced.

This became known as The Journey Method of Complementary Medicine and in May of 2006 I attended a Journey Intensive and learned The Journey Method from Lackey himself. It is a powerful tool for healing and it has led me to further studying NLP and hypnotherapy.

One of the fundamental principles of The Journey Method is that “whether your issue is emotional or physical, it’s really emotional.” Their theory is that we store and repress memories in different parts of our body, at the cellular level, which may later manifest themselves as disease and illness. This process The Emotional Journey models Brandon’s own spontaneous remission and facilitates healing in the individual and is also a vehicle for spiritual development.

One of the things that was most appealing to me about this process is that it is organic and non-directive. The facilitator guides you gently through the process but ultimately the process is directed by your own subconscious mind. Personally I like processes that trust your own inner mind and spirit to guide and heal itself or as Skip says, “Trust the process, every Journey is perfect.”

For the rest of my Anniversary month and into June, anyone receiving this newsletter or someone you know is invited to try an Emotional Journey process as my guest for FREE out of my sense gratitude to Skip, Brandon and all of the people that have done so much for me since 2006 and gotten me to this point in my life.

A couple caveats: 1 My schedule is jamming and I can do one FREE Emotional Journey per week so that is five of them between now and July, so this is on a first come first serve basis. 2 The Journey Method is not a one shot deal. After Brandon’s “release” she modeled and repeated the process that had happened spontaneously many times for the next two weeks until the time when Cedar’s Sinai said there was no remnant of the tumor.

So if you or someone you care about could benefit from an Emotional Journey process please don’t hesitate to call me @ 330-501-8599 and lets put you on the schedule before the 5 spots are filled up. And thanks for your trust and your being part of my practice and my life.



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This fast "food" display is now 2 years old. The word food is questionable, since the bread-like and meat-like substances have not molded or spoiled in any way. Bugs won't even bother with it. Please think twice about giving this to your kids. You have a choice, but they don't. We truly are what we eat.

The Eyes are the Window to the Brain — IT’s ALL N.L.P.

Last month we talked about strategies and how they are the structure of feeling and behavior.

In the early day’s of NLP they discovered that the direction a person’s eyes moved when recalling or creating an event in their mind was a clue to a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer of what was going on within the brain and mind of the person (all of this is written for a right handed person, it is reversed for a left handed person).

These eye movements are called Eye Accessing Cues. Eyes Go Left When a person’s eyes go left and up there are seeing an image that occurred in the past. When they go Lt laterally they are remembering something that they’ve heard and when they go down left they are talking to them- self. These movements are caused by the right brain.

When Eyes Go Right It is a left brain function When they go right and up, they are constructing an image, like while drawing. When they go right laterally they are constructing something auditory, creating music or planning a speech. When they go down and right they are feeling something internally (kinesthetic external is called behavior).

Last month we discussed strategies and how a person might see a picture, then hear something, then say something and then feel sad. That formula is their strategy for creating the feeling of sadness. The way we determine this strategy is by watching they eyes.

So when the eyes go up to the left VR they are remembering an image, then lateral left, AR, they are hearing something then down left AI and they are saying something to themselves and then down right KI, they are feeling something.

Once we know the strategy we can use different tools to work with this strategy so as to eliminate the bad feelings. This sample is hypothetical, and everyone has their own unique strategies. Next week we’ll talk about how to change a strategy.

Thai Lettuce Wraps

30 minutes or fewer: This recipe is adapted from Vegetarian Times but is slightly different.

Sauce ¼ cup lime juice

1 small scoop of stevia

2 Tbs. Bragg’s Aminos, a non fermented soy sauce substitute.

1 Tbs. lemon juice

Filling 1 16-oz. pkg. Morning Star Meal Starters soy chicken

2 cups bean sprouts

½ lb. green beans, thinly sliced

1 large carrot, shredded

1 Tbs. Sesame oil

2 Tbs. minced fresh ginger

2 cloves garlic, minced (2 tsp.)

1 cup low-sodium vegetable broth

¼ cup chopped fresh mint

¼ cup lime juice

2 Tbs. chopped shallots

1 Tbs. Braggs Aminos

1 Tbs. Lemon Juice

1 scoop of Stevia or to taste

1 tsp. chile sauce, such as sriracha

Toppings and Wraps

1 cucumber, peeled into thin strips

Fresh mint, cilantro, and basil

18 Romaine Lettuce

Leaves ½ cup chopped peanuts


1 To make Sauce: whisk together all ingredients in small bowl.

2 To make Filling: Chop up fake meat into small pieces. Heat oil in skillet over medium heat. Add ginger and garlic, and sauté 1 minute. Add “meat” and broth, cover, and cook 5 minutes. Uncover, add beans, bean sprouts and increase heat to medium-high, and cook 10 minutes, or until liquid has evaporated. Stir in remaining ingredients including carrots.

3 Chop mint, cilantro and basil together and place on table. Place cucumber strips on table. Let diners fill lettuce leaves with Filling and Toppings. Serve with bowls of Sauce and peanuts.

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This month we’re going to talk about CHIROPRACTIC MEDICINE which like hypnosis, NLP, acupuncture, herbal medicine, The Journey Method and nutrition counseling are methods that work in conjunction with standard western medicine to heal the whole person.

The first time I heard of chiropractic was when I was 18, one of my student’s Ken Blasek walked into my office pain free. Ken was scheduled to have back surgery. As a last ditch effort Ken went to Dr. Pete Betras and in one session relieved 70% of his pain. It was a miracle.

Ever since that day I’ve believed in chiropractic and have gone to and have known many great local chiropractors including Doc Betras, Doc Novicky, Doc Revely, Doc Szalay, Doc Getsy and my current doctor George Phillips of Austintown Family Chiropractic. I would and do recommend any and all of these healers.

How does it work? The practice of chiropractic is based upon the fact that the nervous system: the brain and spinal cord is the control center of the body, with the brain controlling everything that happens in the body through the spinal cord.

The spinal cord is the key to regulating the overall function of the body and is protected by the spinal column. The spine must be free to move freely, however, so the spinal column is made up of vertebrae, bones that are separated by flexible discs. Nerves coming from between these vertebrae send and receiving messages all over the body.

For a Chiropractor, health means that the spine is perfectly aligned and these nerves can operate correctly, sending and receiving information.

Illness comes from a vertebra being moved out of alignment either through poor posture, stress, trauma or birth defect. This loss of alignment causes the vertebrae to “pinch” the nerve rather than protecting it and interferes with the messages going from the brain to the extremities and from the extremities back to the brain.

The result of this interference is either pain near the problem area or in another area of the body serviced by the affected nerve. This is called referred pain.

A subluxation is when for example the nerves that go to the stomach are pinched cause stomach problems like acid refuel.

So a chiropractors modus operandi is to study the posture and use x-rays searching for subluxations and then manipulating the vertebrae back into place either with their hands or with a tool called an activator, which allows the body to return to its ideal function.

Chiropractic treatment begins with a vigorous treatment schedule that includes several visits per week for several weeks re-teaching the muscles and vertebrae to remain in place thus removing the subluxation and ending the pain and discomfort.

Some chiropractors suggest that after the treatment schedule is completed and the issue healed the patient continue coming in on a monthly basis to keep the spine aligned and functioning at an optimal level and this also gives them the opportunity to head off any potential problems before they become pain and discomfort. This monthly follow up is called a maintenance program and I personally go to my doctor every month.

Mother's Day Word Search Puzzel

Print this page in order to do the Puzzle

This optical illusions will leave you dazed and confused (just what I wanted)

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Master Sam Naples brings many diverse skills to help you optimize your life:

* Meditation,

*Tony Robbins’ Neuro Associative Conditioning (N.A.C.),

*The Journey Method of Brandon Bays.

*Design Human Engineering DHE,

* Licensed Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Under is father and co-founder Dr. Richard Bandler.

*Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist thru the International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association

* 2009 graduate from YSU with a BA in Psychology

With these many skills Master Naples is able to deal with conditions such as:

* Agoraphobia, Allergies, Anger Management, Bed wetting, Childbirth, Chronic Pain, Dental Procedures, Distress, * Examination Anxiety, Exercise, Fears, Focused Attention, Grief, Guided Imagery, * Headache, * High Blood Pressure, Learning skills, * Medical Procedures, Memory, Motivation, Nail Biting, Performing Arts, * Phobias, * P.T.S.D., Procrastination, Public Speaking, Peaceful Sleep, Regression, Relationship, Relaxation, Salesmanship, Self confidence, Self control, Self esteem, Sexual Enhancement, Smoking Cessation, Sports Performance, Stress Management, Study Skills, Stuttering, and Weight Loss.


Summer time, Summer time, Sum, Sum Summer time

June approaches, Father’s day is on the 17th, the 20th will be the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice, and the beginning of summer. That means only six months till the end of the world, if you’re Mayan so make this the best summer ever ! ! !

And to celebrate June we’ve got some great things going on. Beginning on Sunday June 3rd at 9:30 everyone is invited to learn and share “The Healing Breath Meditation” my personal favorite. And then following the meditation at 12:30 I’ll be presenting sharing how you can “Learn about releasing stored, repressed, memories that have stopped you from healing and been the cause of disease at a cellular level with The Journey Method (see page 1).

On Sunday June 17th which I’m sure is going to be an awesome summer day, please join us again in doing TheHealing Breath Meditation at 9:30AM.

Are you ready to B FREE from tobacco AND HEALTHY? Monday the 25th 6:00-9:00 PM I’ll again be offering this amazing workshop for only $123.99.

Want to lose weight? Did you know that if you double the # of lbs that you need to lose, that that number is the amount of time, days necessary to shed unwanted pounds and REGAIN YOU’RE IDEAL weight if you combine “The pH SECRET to health, fitness, nutrition and weight loss” program with my NLP 2 REGAIN YOU’RE IDEAL weight 3 hour workshop.

On Saturday June 30th I’ll be offering both of these events. First at 12:30 I’ll be leading the three hour NLP 2 REGAIN YOU’RE IDEAL weight workshop till 3:30 and then after a short break. At 4:00PM I’ll be offering THE pH SECRET to health, fitness, nutrition and Weight Loss.

The pH SECRET to health, fitness, nutrition and weight loss program is $49 but as an added benefit, all participants in the REGAIN YOU’RE IDEAL weight $123.99 three hour workshop may attend for FREE.

Whew . . . That’s a lot. So start working on your tan, party like the world is going to end and join us at MSN Quantum Health Inner Circle in using your brain for a change and keeping the change.


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Testimonial letter from Client to Master Sam

. . . . I never felt hypnotized by you, but a clear path to resolve my issue was opened.  Like a flower, it took several days to blossom as each step grew and needed to move on.  Honestly there were only five steps at most to resolve a seemingly unsolvable problem....Whats weird is, you didn't even solve them I did.  Even if all you did was make me confident enough to look at my issue and put it in perspective.  It is weird, because it keeps growing to this day.....I would guess awareness does.  But I always use our session as the root.  You need that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  you need to tell people that everything you teach them is the ROOT.  I always go back to that day, look at what started the thought process to conquer my issue and every new problem I come across has a basis of commonality (sp?)  in my life to begin to conquer new problems. 

  So NLP is a lot like the martial arts we used to believe existed when we were young . . . . .  

Love you brother, we need to get together soon.       


Master Naples comment — I’m humbled by this heart felt letter from a friend whom I worked with . . . What he as determined upon his own is the essence of Neuro-Linguistic Programming . . . “GENERATIVE CHANGE” . . . Our processes together are not to solve single issues but to set new and better directions for future growth and evolution.



Sunday June 3, 2012

Learn about releasing the stored, repressed, memories that have stopped you from healing and been the cause of disease at a cellular level.

June 3rd attend this FREE introduction to cellular healing and THE JOURNEY METHOD and the 5 prerequisites to spontaneous remission allowing for sometimes miraculous results 12:30 Call 501-8599 to register.



On Saturday June 30th at 4:00PM immediately after “REGAIN YOU’RE IDEAL weight” I’ll be offering THE pH SECRET to health, fitness, nutrition and weight reduction. This $49 dollar program (free if you attend “R.Y.I.w.” ) teaches the most paradigm changing state of the art science of well being and is amazing either on it’s own or in conjunction with “R.Y.I.w.” Call 330-501-8599 to register or with questions.



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