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Optimum Health Inner Circle , Issue #009 -- Back to School Issue
August 24, 2012

Back to School, the happiest time of the year for parents.

Football: A metaphor for personal excellence

The National Football League Season officially starts on September 5th, though they’ve been playing for a month already. But then that is how professionals are successful, they practice as realistically as possible all of the time, in their mind.

When I was younger I use to love sports and especially The Green Bay Packers and one of my idol’s was their amazing coach Vince Lombardi.

When Lombardi took over the Packers they had a history of losing and had had a record of 1-10-1 the previous season. His first year as coach and with almost exactly the same team the Packers ended the season with a 7-5 record, and that was only the beginning of the Green Bay Packer Legend.

So what changed in those same players and made such a difference? The way they believed, and the way they practiced which ultimately changed the way that they behaved during the game.

The reason that sports are so popular, aside from the gambling (really, this is Youngstown) is that sports are a metaphor for life. In taekwondo this concept is called “The Way” or “Do.” And the belief is that the principles and way that you live on the training floor will translate into the way you behave off of the training floor.

When you get to the quality of the NFL or Olympic quality athletes, they are all doing the same weight training, similar practices, pretty much the same of everything.

So what separates the winners from the losers in football, the Olympics and in life is the mental game, creative visualization, NLP and self-hypnosis (you knew I was going to bring this around to NLP-hypnotherapy, didn’t you?).

Many professional athletes know that you can use hypnotherapy to eliminate your limiting beliefs, and learn to rehearse your skills (like sales presentations) and performance through self-hypnosis including: Troy Aikman; Matt Stevens; Lance Zeno who played for the Browns and Green Bay Packers; Mark Schmidt of the Rams; Max Starks, of the Steelers; Eric Johnson of the Saints; Bill Bates, Jim Jeffcoat and Kevin Brooks Dallas Cowboys; Jeff Jaeger, Bob Golic, Steve Beuerlein, Mike Dyal of the Raiders; Pete Koch of the Chiefs; Jim Byrne LA Rams; and Lyle Alzado of both the Cleveland Browns/LA Raiders.

“Practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

I do not know who is responsible for that quote but the great NLP founder Dr. Richard Bandler said something quite similar when he said “If you say to yourself ‘It’s difficult to get up in the morning,’ ‘It’s hard to cease smoking,’ then you are already using hypnotic suggestions upon yourself.”

Everyone is not an Olympian or a NFL athlete but NLP-hypnotherapy, self hypnosis and meditation can teach you to live life to a higher standard optimizing the things in life that you do well and using these same resources and to influence your sub-conscious mind in many other directions that you find amazing when you step up.

Remember that this is not a dress rehearsal. You can and must take control of your life, quit being influenced by the media and become the only voice that directs your life.



Now, I am the voice I will lead no follow I will believe not doubt I will create not destroy I am a force for good I am a force for God I’m a leader Defy the odds —- Set a new standard —- and step up

Step Up STEP UP ! ~~ Tony Robbins

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Using sub-modalities to change a memory — IT’s ALL N.L.P. — IT’s ALL N.L.P.

Using sub-modalities to change a memory. I was discussing NLP and how it developed from Dr. Richard Bandler studying the work of Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir and Dr Milton Erickson. But really, when NLP became unique was when Dr. Bandler discovered sub-modalities.

Dr. Bandler cut his teeth early on by challenging psychiatrists and psychologists to bring to him their most difficult patients.

One day a psychiatrist arrived with a woman, lets call her “Mary” (I’m not using her real name because of course I don’t remember it). Mary was a schizophrenic and when she arrived Dr. Bandler asked her who she was and how she got there. Mary responded, “I killed my parents and I live in the psychiatric ward of a prison. I was brought here in an orange jumpsuit and shackles in an airplane by the doctor and two armed guards. Dr. Bandler turned to the doctor and said who is she and how did she get here? He replied “Mary lives with her parents, and we drove here with her parents in their Chevrolet station wagon.”

Dr. Bandler, known for thinking outside the box, hypnotized the psychiatrist! He then instructed the psychiatrist to remember how they had gotten there and then to visualize Mary’s scenario. The doctor easily did that, and then Dr. Bandler asked the doctor, “What’s different about the real scenario and Mary’s.” The doctor responded, “That’s easy, the real scenario has a border around it in my mind.”

Next, Dr. Bandler hypnotized Mary and asked here to visualize both scenario’s. She did and when he asked her what was different, she replied nothing. So Dr. Bandler had Mary put a border around the doctors scenario and then he asked her what changed? “The one with the border is real” responded Mary.

So Bandler had her go back to before her illness and recode all of her “real” memories putting borders around them and installed a mechanism for her to border real events that were to happen in her life.

That also was the beginning of the study of sub-modalities including size, shape, color, texture, brightness, location, distance, and so many more.

Well now as I promised we’ll talk about how you can use sub-modalities to change a memory, ah, next week.

Chickpea, Artichoke Heart, and Tomato Salad with Arugula

The hearty 3/4 cup serving of chick peas in this salad packs about 11 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber. Artichoke hearts, tomatoes, and baby arugula add a rainbow of antioxidants, including lycopene, beta-carotene, and vitamin C.

INGREDIENTS: 1 15-oz. can chickpeas, rinsed and drained.

3 oz. of water-packed artichoke hearts, rinsed, drained, and sliced.

½ cup small pear or grape tomatoes, halved or quartered

⅓ cup chopped pitted kalamata olives

¼ cup finely chopped fresh parsley

Garlic and Mustard Vinaigrette : Use 1/4 cup of this dressing

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

1 green onion chopped finely

1 clove garlic, pressed or mashed

1/2 teaspoon of mustard powder.

1 teaspoon of salt

Freshly ground black pepper.

A less healthy version of this dressing that I sometimes make includes 2-3 drops of sriracha sauce in a quarter cup of the dressing.

GREENS: 2 cups of baby arugula.

DIRECTIONS: First combine the dressing ingredients in a an empty salad dressing bottle and shake well. This recipe calls for only 1/4 cup of the dressing so there will be some left over and it keeps well.

Combine the chickpeas, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, olives and chopped parsley in a large resealable plastic container pour on the dressing and shake well. Then mix in the arugula into and shake again to mix all of the ingredients.

THAT’S IT ! ! !

I love this Salad and usually make a quadruple order, though I don’t mix the arugula with the other ingredients till right before I’m ready to eat it so that the arugula stays fresher.


This recipe is based upon a recipe published in Vegetarian Times.

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There is no failure, there is only feedback . . .

. . . Is one of the fundamental principles and premises of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, N.L.P.

Dr Richard the father and co-founder once was asked by a fellow NLP practitioner while we were in Charisma Enhancement Trainer’s Training in Orlando in 2010, “If you could give one piece of advice to a practitioner of NLP for helping yourself, someone else to deal with a personal issue, what would that advice be?” Without missing a beat and immediately Dr. Bandler replied: “In any situation ask yourself, “What the f_ck, is really going on here?” **

Neuro-Linguistic programming is a quite powerful tool for change and life optimization, and when it doesn’t get the desired effects it is because the practitioner has either missed or the client has not stated (because the practitioner has not asked the right questions) how the issue is really occurring.

The first two books on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The Structure of Magic 1 & 2 were about listening skills and were based upon the work of Fritz Perls and Virginia Satir. These are the skills that enable the practitioner to hear “What the f_ck, is really going on here?”*

NLP is different from psychotherapy, psychology and hypnotherapy because NLP does not have a predetermined belief about the cause, “the why” something is occurring. If fact NLP is not even concerned with why something is occurring, but instead wants to know “the how” it is occurring. So listening skills are critical.

Example: A client says, “I feel like I have the weight of the world upon my shoulders.” What they are literally saying is that they feel a “weight” a real feeling behind their head that is associated to image. Quite often the way to deal with this is to have the client physically reach up behind their head and physically grab the weight and bring it in front of them and look at it from different angles. This is literally getting a new perspective upon the issue.

NOTE: I’ve used literally several times in the last paragraph because I literally mean literally.

So when an NLP REFRAMING or process doesn’t get the desired effect, the practitioner needs to ask themselves, “What the f_ck, is reallygoing on here?” *

Tony Robbins often says if you attempt to lose weight and you keep the same weight on or your weight increases, you didn’t fail, you learned how to gain weight.

When a reporter asked Thomas Edison “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, I didn’t fail 1,000 times, creating the light bulb just took 1,000 steps.

In my opinion the real work of NLP is to determine “What the f_ck, is really going on here?” *The process that is used to correct the issue is usually simple.

* Grown up language because it elicits emotion is integral to NLP.

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This optical illusions will leave you dazed and confused (just what I wanted)

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Master Sam Naples brings many diverse skills to help you optimize your life:

* Meditation,

*Tony Robbins’ Neuro Associative Conditioning (N.A.C.),

*The Journey Method of Brandon Bays.

*Design Human Engineering DHE,

* Licensed Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Under is father and co-founder Dr. Richard Bandler.

*Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist thru the International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association

* 2009 graduate from YSU with a BA in Psychology

With these many skills Master Naples is able to deal with conditions such as:

* Agoraphobia, Allergies, Anger Management, Bed wetting, Childbirth, Chronic Pain, Dental Procedures, Distress, * Examination Anxiety, Exercise, Fears, Focused Attention, Grief, Guided Imagery, * Headache, * High Blood Pressure, Learning skills, * Medical Procedures, Memory, Motivation, Nail Biting, Performing Arts, * Phobias, * P.T.S.D., Procrastination, Public Speaking, Peaceful Sleep, Regression, Relationship, Relaxation, Salesmanship, Self confidence, Self control, Self esteem, Sexual Enhancement, Smoking Cessation, Sports Performance, Stress Management, Study Skills, Stuttering, and Weight Loss.


Some people are anxious about back to school

Football, seeing old friend and meeting new friends, learning and self improvement, back to school is an exciting time for so many people returning to school or the university.

That is unless the person is someone plagued with test anxiety. This is a real issue and 1 in 8 college students will experience the symptoms of test anxiety that include: terrifying panic attacks or other physical symptoms such as sweating, nausea, dizziness, or chest pain and mental pain associated with persistent, intense, yet very real anxiety that can remembering well studied material almost impossible and doing well in classes difficult.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming does an amazing job of using the same energy that limits a person by making them “freeze up and forget” and turns it into an empowering tool for succeeding in school.

The NLP-hypnotherapy process for dealing with test anxiety is two sessions at the most and can have a long lasting positive effect upon the student who up till this time has struggled, suffered and failed at every quiz, test or examination.

If you have any friends that are suffering with this crippling and easily dealt with condition, please give them my business card or have them call me @ 330-501-8599.


Football, or sports for that matter are a metaphor for continuous and never ending improvement, also known as C.A.N.E.I. is briefly discussed on page one.

The way your unconscious mind represents and stores your experiences and the way you feel about those experiences, whether they are a good lesson of a painful memory can all be changed with the use of sub-modalities, learn learn more about them and check out the Chickpea, Artichoke Heart, and Tomato Salad with Arugulaon page 2.

Learn about NLP foundational principle that there is no failure, only feedback on page 3 and check out what Sam’s been up to on page 4 and enjoy the rest of the September issue of Optimum Health Inner Circle

Trance-forming Lives Daze by Daze


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“Some people just love the smell and taste of tobacco and how it relaxes them, just holding it in their hand, you know the HOLE smoking experience.”

It’s Time to Fall In Love With Yourself, and End That Lousy Affair You’ve Had With Tobacco.

If you want to make change, real change in your life you've got to go to the place where decisions are made . . . your unconscious mind. NLP-hypnotherapy provides tools that enable you to understand how your unconscious mind makes decisions and then re-educate, or reprogram it to make different, better decisions.

Any method of smoking cessation that fails to deal with the emotional issues, the “whys” of smoking is as best going to be temporarily successful because when that repressed emotional need raises its ugly head your unconscious mind will fall back upon the way that its successfully dealt with that issue so many times in the past and you will smoke again! Unless you use the mental & emotional tools that are made available to you through the three hour “FREE from tobacco AND HEALTHY” workshop.

We are so confident that this program is exactly what you need to allow you finally be free of tobacco, for good that we are willing to GUARANTEE the program with a FREE ONE-ON-ONE Neuro-Linguistic Programming session, $125 value if you’re don't come out of the program ecstatic and tell all your friends about NLP-hypnotherapy.

Call Master Sam Naples NOW at 330-501-8599 for a FREE consultation to see that NLP-hypnotherapy is right for you. CALL NOW ! ! !

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It often felt like there was a part of me that was working against my weight loss attempts

I’m Not A Yoyo !!!

The medical profession including psychologists often call this yoyo dieting and them make it seem like you’re doing it on purpose. Which only shows that they don’t understand how the unconscious mind and your behavior interact. A person learns to deal with stress and emotions, to relieve them through behaviors like eating. Unless the program you choose the 3 session “REGAIN YOUR IDEAL weight” workshop that deals with the habits, emotional triggers and psychological drivers that created the behavior in the first place your weight loss is destined to be temporary, at best.

We are so confident that this program is exactly what you need to allow you to control you eating issues for good that we are willing to GUARANTEE the program with a FREE ONE-ON-ONE Neuro-Linguistic Programming session, $125 value if you’re don't come out of the program ecstatic and tell all your friends about NLP-hypnotherapy. Call Master Sam Naples NOW at 330-501-8599 for a FREE consultation to see that NLP-hypnotherapy is right for you. CALL NOW ! ! !

P.S. Currently we are backed up 10 days to 2 weeks so please anticipate this delay, though with flexibility it sometimes is possible to squeeze you in earlier.

“The quality of your life is based upon healthy blood & The Health of Your Blood Depends Upon Drinking High Quality Water.”



Florida Marlins, Detroit Tigers, Cincinnati Reds, Colorado Rockies, Arkansas Naturals, Kansas City Royals, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays and Pittsburgh Pirates know that the right water will improve the quality of your performance as well as the quality and length of your life which is why all of these teams use the NEW Living Water Machine with their athletes.

Your body is 70% water: water is 70% of our muscle, 25% of our fats, 75% of our brain, and over 80 percent of our blood. It is most important that you learn is how to properly hydrate with structured alkaline water in order to eliminate the negative effects of acidic toxins, as professional athletes do. Drinking fluoridated, acidic water forces your body has to struggle more and more trying to maintain the proper pH balance for health because of environmental and metabolic toxins that leave you sick, tired, and thirsty!

Thirsty for quality ionized water, the kind of water that the affordable New Living Water Machine creates with it’s revolutionary patented technologies including Direct Disk Ionization Technology producing water as clean, crisp and healthy as if it were coming from a protected pristine source miles below the planets surface in a natural highly alkaline state with a pH between 9-10.

The New Living Water Machine is the next generation water ionizer for a healthy body, and a healthy life. For more information on the New Living Water Machine Call Master Sam Naples Now at 330-501-8599

Ask how you can receive a 20% discount if purchased by July 3rd

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