Robert Dilts

Robert Dilts, born in 1955 in Princeton, NJ and like Bandler and Epstein was a New Jersey transplant to California. As a graduate student at the University of California at Santa Cruz studying Behavioral Technology, Dilts was assigned to work with the Neuro-Linguistic Programming founders Dr’s Richard Bandler and John Grinder, and had early on mastered and developed many NLP technologies leaving him a renowned trainer, coach, consultant and author both in the Unites States and around the world. Some of his clients include Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, The Old Mutual, Bank of America, The World Bank, Alitalia, Telecom Italia, Lucasfilms Ltd., Ernst & Young, The American Society for Training and Development and the State Railway of Italy.

As an author Dilts has collaborated with the founders on the book NLP Volume I and is the most prolific writer upon the subject on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. (There is a list of the books written by Dilts at the end of this article).

Being one of the early developers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Dilts also studied with the famous anthropologist Gregory Bateson and the founder of The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Milton Erickson, both who’s teachings had a significant effect upon the growth and development of NLP.

Based upon his study with Bandler, Grinder, Erickson and Bateson, Dilts developed/discovered/created the NLP tools of: Reimprinting, Integration of Conflicting Beliefs, Sleight of Mouth Patterns, The Spelling Strategy, The Allergy Technique, Neuro-Logical Levels, The Belief Change Cycle, Generative NLP Patterns,, the Unified Field Theory for NLP.

Robert in conjunction with the late Todd Epstein confounded the NLP University in 1991 which currently offers seminars on 34 different topics including: Addictions, Compulsions and Identity; Beliefs and Health; Community and Culture; Creativity and Innovation; Creativity and Leadership; Dealing with Double Binds; Dynamic Learning; Effective Presentation Skills; Flowing Through Transitions; From Coach to Awakener: The Skills of Sponsorship; Gateways to Self; Generative NLP Group Mind and Team Spirit; Healing Patterns of Jesus; Identity, Commitment and Love; Identity and Evolutionary Change; Learning to Learn Systemic Thinking Skills; Love in the Face of Violence; Modeling with NLP;¬ Modeling the Wisdom of Jesus; NLP and Self-Organization; NLP in Business Coaching; NLP in Health; Pathways to Leadership; Pathways to Prosperity and Abundance; Roadmaps for a Changing World; Skills for the Future; Strategies of Genius; Tools of the Spirit; Trans-Cultural Skills; Transformational Leadership; Transforming Beliefs; Unified Field Theory for NLP; and Visionary Leadership Skills.

Some of the many books written By Dilts are:

Applications of NLP (1983) R.B. Dilts, M.P. Dilts

Roots of NLP (1983) Dilts

Beliefs: Pathways to Health & Well-Being (1990) R. Dilts, T. Hallbom, S. Smith

Changing Belief Systems (1990) Dilts

Tools for Dreamers (1991) R. Dilts, T. Epstein, R. W. Dilts

Skills for the Future (1993) Robert Dilts, Gino Bonissone

Effective Presentation Skills (1994) Dilts

Strategies of Genius, Volume I (1994) Dilts

Strategies of Genius, Volume II (1994) Dilts

Strategies of Genius, Volume III (1995) Dilts

Dynamic Learning (1995) Robert B. Dilts, Epstein, Todd A. Epstein

Visionary Leadership Skills (1996) Dilts

Tools of the Spirit (1997) Robert Dilts, Robert Mc Donald

Modeling with NLP (1998) Dilts

Sleight of Mouth (1999) Dilts

Encyclopedia of Systemic NLP (2000) Robert B. Dilts, Judith A. DeLozier

NLP Volume I (2001) Robert Dilts, Richard Bandler, John Grinder and Judith DeLozier

Alpha Leadership, (2002) Deering, Robert Dilts, Julian Russell

From Coach to Awakener (2003) Dilts

Coaching Conversations (2005) Michael Hall, Michelle Duval, Robert Dilts

A Hero’s Journey (2009) S. Gilligan, R.Dilts

NLP II: The Next Generation (2010) R.Dilts and J. DeLozier with D. Bacon Dilts

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