The Journey

The Journey is a cellular healing process that is based upon the work of Brandon Bays. Brandon Bays has long been a member of the personal growth and development movement working as Tony Robbins’ personal assistant as well as teaching his Living Health program which is the fourth day of his “Unleash the Power Within” seminar.

Brandon was new a age girl, living a charmed existence changing lives using NLP, hypnotherapy and NAC skills to change peoples lives. She was a vegetarian, ran on the beach and meditated daily. Her and her husband lived in a small beachfront cottage in southern California.

Brandon had an envious life until that fateful day when she could no longer ignore the tumor that was growing in her belly. How could this happen? She had done everything right. She ate right, meditated, worked out, as well as doing many other alternative healing modalities. Yet there it was, a tumor the size of a basketball. How could she continue to do her job after getting sick?

What happens to her credibility, her integrity? And how could she believe in herself? The doctor wanted to operate immediately but reluctantly agreed to give Brandon one month to try to deal with it herself.

Brandon did not have a plan, but trusted that somehow she would get this tumor handled. With one week left before she was to return to the doctor and admit defeat, as she was getting a message and the masso-therapist suggested that she ‘go into the tumor’ in her mind and see what was inside. Low-and-behold there was a childhood memory and the younger Brandon was furious at her parents. Brandon forgave her parents in the Journey process and something shifted. By the end of the fourth week the tumor had gone from the size of a basketball to the size of a softball. A week later the tumor was totally gone.

Ever since the tumor Brandon ceased doing therapy in the old way for this healing was a major paradigm shift for her. From this point on based upon her healing she began to used her NLP and hypnotherapy skills to develop a practical, proven, teachable method for helping others to come into contact with their repressed, stored cellular memories thus releasing them.

The program that Brandon developed is known as The Journey which you can read more about in the book The Journey and is the foundation of Master Sam Naples’ Freedom-2-Heal Program.

Interested parties may also participate in a Journey Intensive seminar which takes place periodically throughout the country taught by Skip Lackey, and other senior Practitioners of the Journey here in America.

Master Naples, became interested in The Journey in the early part of the millennium and has attended and been a Trainer at numerous Journey Intensives with both Skip Lackey and Brandon Bays as well as running the sound board for Skip at a New Jersey event. Master Naples has also participated other Journey programs including: Manifesting Abundance, Advanced Skills, Healing with Conscious Communication and Liberating Kids Shining Potential (how to facilitate a Journey for young children) and at this writing has completed 1/2 of the Practitioner Program.

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