Your First Visit -- What to Expect.

First of all, expect to spend about an hour or more of your first visit completing the forms and discussing your issue with Master Naples. This is not just a formality but is rather part of a process of what is called in Neuro-Linguistic Programming "developing a well formed outcome." Without going into too much detail here, a well formed means that the intended change to be made is something that is under your control, (even if you don't belive it is) and stated in the positive.

This process of developing a well formed outcome completing the Confidental Personal Data Sheets, Concent form, Client Bill of Rights, and some infomation pertaining to what is expected of both the client and Master Naples takes between an hour and an hour and thirty minutes.

Through reviewing these documents with you and discussing your issues Master Sam Naples will be able to best choose whether Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Design Human Engineering, The Journey, Hypnotherapy or some combination of the three will best serve your needs. Quite often Master Naples will give you to a simple relaxation/meditation process for you do at home prior to your second visit.

After your first visit Master Sam Naples will determine how many other visits are required to obtain and attain and maintain the results you're after.

ALL VISITS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: If you have scheduled an appointment and desire to change it, it is your responsibility to call a minimum of 24 hours in advance. If you receive the voicemail, leave a message, as all calls are returned promptly.

If you must miss your visit you must contact by phone at 330-501-8599 no less than 24 hours before the scheduled visit.

Services are paid for at the time of the appointment. Master Card and Visa are accepted as well as personal checks. If a check is returned, a fee of $25.00 will be applied to your account. I do not bill insurance companies, however I will happily supply you with the documentation you might need to submit to your insurance company. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to find out what benefits you have.

Packages purchased at a discounted rate are non-refundable.

Confidentiality: I will not release any information to anyone without a written authorization from you, except as provided for by law.

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