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. . . are the mission of this website as well as Master Sam Naples NLP-hypnotherapy. Life Optimization means the study of what people do well and how to enhance, improve and install it others. Many professional athletes use meditation, and hypnosis to improve their performance. Dr. Richard Bandler says that an NLP practitioner 's mission is to help people optimize their life.

For an NLP-hypnotherapy practitioner, generative change means not only eliminating or changing an unwanted behavior but installing a behavior that continues to create increasingly better results for in indefinite time in the future.

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Addressing Dis-ease, *Agoraphobia, Allergies, Anger Managemant, Bed wetting, Childbirth, Chronic Pain, Dental Procedures, Distress, *Examination Anxiety, Exercise, Fears, Focused Attention, Grief, Guided Imagery, *Headache, *High Blood Pressure, Learning Skills, *Medical Procedures, Memory Motivation, Nail Biting, Performaing Arts *Phobias, *PTSD, Procrastination, Public Speaking, Peaceful Sleep, *Regression, Relationship, Relaxation, Salesmanship, Self Confidence Self Control, Self Confidence, Self Esteem Sexual Enhancement, Smoking Cessation, Sports Performance, Stress Management, Study Skills, Stuttering, Weight Loss.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP was Co-developed by Dr's. Richard Bandler (Master Sam Naples’ instructor) and John Grinder as they studied the power of language to create or change the feelings occurring in a person sometimes creating an almost trance like state. NLP practitioners focus upon what is unique about every individual and believes that every person responds the in the best way they can with the resources that they have. Quite often allowing the person to discover these often hidden resources or a new strategy for how to use these resources is all that is needed for dramatic change to occur.

Design Human Engineering

Also created by Dr. Richard Bandler, DHE allows the person to create a control panel in their mind and allows them to create machines run by this control pannel to for example deal with physical pain, the person might go to their control pannel and “turn off” the pain switch on the control panel.

What is The Journey

“All illness is emotional, and even when it is physical it is emotional.” was explained to me by Skip Lackey, who is the leader of The Journey USA. The Journey is a group of cellular healing processes that takes one into the depths of the unconscious mind to where a menory that is stored as toxic energy, has become the cause of disease. Through these processes the poison memory is activated, changed and released. Since the Journey and Dr. Deepak Chopra both contend that this stored energy is the cause of disease, when the energy is released the body begins to heal naturally, easily, quickly and of it’s own accord without any other mental or physical actions by the client. The Journey evolved as Brandon Bays modeled the healing process that spontaneously occured as she was healed of a tumor the size of a basketball. Brandon and Skip had both previously studied NLP and Master Sam Naples' has studied with both of them.


A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHt.) is someone trained by the American Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association. The CHt. uses language to bypass the critical thinking faculty of the client, also called the conscious mind, and focuses on offering healthy, positive suggestions to the unconscious mind, which is very purposeful, not the least bit rational and is willing to do uwhat you suggest that it to do.


The true benefits of meditation are that once you have found your own inner stillness, through regular meditation, you will be able to access it again and again and with ever greater ease. This brings with it feelings of confidence and self control, increased concentration, better relationships and reduced stress levels to name just a few of it's benefits. Master Sam Naples NLP- hypnotherapy will incorporate meditation skills that range from oriental martial arts techniques, Zen meditation and Journey USA processes to find the process best suited to you.


As one of only three current Licensed Trainers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in the state of Ohio, Master Sam Naples NLP-hypnotherapy will use this website to provide the most current information about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for the residents of Northern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania as well as interested parties across the World Wide Web.

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